About Us

Racoon Outdoor girl winter jackets


Racoon Outdoor was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012 as part of the Pure Kids A / S group.
Racoon Outdoor is a kids-wear brand full of colourful prints specialising in functional outerwear - for all kinds of weather!
We make kid's clothes with them in mind!
For us, children always come first. Therefore, the collections are also inspired by  imagination and play with lots of fun hues and playful prints.
We believe that good clothing should fit and adapt to the child's needs especially allowing for free movement.
Our outerwear can be worn and washed again and again.


Pure Kids A/S was founded in 2004 by Pernille Bentzen.
In 2020, the company changed hands, and Pure Kids A/S is now a part of
The DENA group www.dena.dk
Our showroom is located in Birkerød north of Copenhagen.
We strive to be an attractive workplace with a natural focus on diversity, skills, gender and nationality.
One of our strongest company values ​​is decency. This applies to everything we do, from the development and design of high-quality children's clothing to collaborations with suppliers and of course our customers.